Brown Point Shield Skin Longirostris

Brown Point Shield Skin Longirostris

13 cm (5.1 in)

Schwartz's catfish, Corydoras schwartzi

120 cm (3.9 ft)

The Bermuda rock lizard, Plestiodon longirostris (formerly Eumeces

bill with swollen, hooked tip, its base with a scaly shield. [Pg_11]

The lateral portions of the head-shield are usually separated from the

BROWN CREEPER. Family 64. CREEPERS. Certhiidæ.

Brown-capped Leucosticte—Leucosticte australis (Lower figure, male; upper,

Color usually mixed brown, black, and buff, or bluish gray. [Pg_26]

Yng. Above ashy brown, margined and marked with buffy; wings brownish black;

BROWN PELICAN. Family 13. PELICANS. Pelecanidæ.

Body above silky yellowish brown; borders of segments lighter; beneath,

Crown and hindneck black; back grayish brown; sides of head and under parts

The Pacific Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps longirostris) is endemic to Vanuatu,

Killer. Orca gladiator. × 1⁄40 (After True.) The skin is smooth and shiny,

The rapidity of communication from point to

Ega is the half-way point across the continent, but its exact

Ads. Above dark, dirty brown; below paler. Yng. Similar, but more distinctly